TIROL 2PCS of Inflatable Universal Roof Top Rack and Luggage Carrier soft roof rack for kayaks, SUP, luggage-TA


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Product Description

Do not use in cars with side air bag

  1. Load Bearing is up to 80kgs!
  2. Inflatable before Size:150*15*2CM After the inflatable Size:150*15*6CM
  3. Products with five iron plastic spraying ring and each of Ring Spacing of 20 cm.
  4. Products on the back of the braid: PU material length: 115CM, No PU material length: 163CM, Width: 3.5CM.
  5. Quick installation. Open the valve they self inflate, then tighten off the valve and strap them to the roof.
  6. Easy pack. Open the valve and as you roll them up the air will be pushed back out again.
  7. Fit most of cars, great for travelling with a rental car!
  8. Multiple tie down points. The regular spacing of these loops allows you to tie your items on more effectively with less risk of movement.

*Always clean your roof before fitting a soft rack so grit doesn’t damage your paint work and ideally keep to lower speed roads.

Package Details

1pair X Inflatable Roof Rack

1pair X Strap (length: 2.8M, Width: 2.5CM, Thickness: 2MM)

1pair x elastic braid

1 Glue and a piece of cloth.

Additional Information

Weight 5.22 lbs
Dimensions 12.60 x 7.68 x 7.87 in