Trailer connector T21616

TIROL 7 Pin Flat Plug to 7 Pin Large Socket Connector Trailer Boat Truck Adaptor


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Product Description

Product Description

1. 7 Pin Plug Connector (One In A Pack)

2. 7 Pin Flat Plug To 7 Pin Large Round Socket with Clamp

3. 7 Pin Large Round (35mm Diameter) Typical Round Size For Vic, Tas, Sa

4. Use This Handy Adapter To Convert Your Existing Car/Trailer Plugs With Out Re-Wiring.

7 Pin Lighting Connections

  • Pin1 Yellow     L/H Direction Indicator
  • Pin2 Blue      Rear Fog Lamps
  • Pin3 White   Earth Return
  • Pin4 Green   R/H Direction Indicator
  • Pin5 Brown   R/H Tail & NO. Plate Lamp
  • Pin6 Red      Stop Lamps
  • Pin7 Black    L/H Tail & No. Plate Lamp

7 Pin Flat Plug

  • Pin1 Yellow    Left turn indicator
  • Pin2 Black        Reversing light
  • Pin3 White      Earth Return
  • Pin4 Green       Right turn indicator
  • Pin5 Blue          Aux brakes
  • Pin6 Red           Stop lights
  • Pin7 Brown       Rear lights, clearance and side marker lights

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