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TIROL 7 Pin Flat Socket to 7 Pin Large Round Plug Trailer Boat Truck Plug Connector Adaptor


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Product Description

7 Pin Plug Connector (One In A Pack)

7 Pin Large Round Plug To 7 Pin Flat Socket

7 Pin Large Round (35mm Diameter) Typical Round Size For Vic, Tas, Sa

Use This Handy Adapter To Convert Your Existing Car/Trailer Plugs With Out Re-Wiring.

7 Pin Lighting Connections

Pin1 Yellow L/H Direction Indicator

Pin2 Blue Rear Fog Lamps

Pin3 White Earth Return

Pin4 Green R/H Direction Indicator

Pin5 Brown R/H Tail & NO. Plate Lamp

Pin6 Red Stop Lamps

Pin7 Black L/H Tail & No.

Plate Lamp 7 Pin Flat Socket

Pin1 Yellow Left turn indicator

Pin2 Black Reversing light

Pin3 White Earth Return

Pin4 Green Right turn indicator

Pin5 Blue Aux brakes

Pin6 Red Stop lights

Pin7 Brown Rear lights, clearance and side marker light。

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