Tester T21230

TIROL 7 Pin Towing Trailer Car Truck Light Electrics Diagnostic Tester Unit for Plug Socket connection


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Product Description

Product Description

Tester for 7-pins plug and socket connection

This tester has one side to connect the 7-pins plug of a trailer and another side to connect the 7-pins socket of a car. This tester indicates quickly if a failure concerns the wiring of the car or the wiring of the trailer. How to test the connection of a:

 Trailer (can also be a caravan or bicycle carrier)

  1. Put the plug in the connection of the tester.
  2. Press the yellow button on the side of the tester.
  3. If the wiring is good, all the LEDs light up. the function of each LED is (acc lso 1724):
  4. left hand indicator (yellow);
  5. foglight or 12V (blue);
  6. mass (white);
  7. right hand indicator (green);
  8. right rearlight (brown);
  9. left brake light (red);
  10. left rearlight (black). Attention: The pin no 2 can be used either for a warning foglamp or a permanent 12V connection.

If a LED doesn’t light up, it is because the corresponding wire is defective, If all the LEDs don’t light up.

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