TIROL Universal Aluminum Round Tapered Auto Air Intake/3" Air Filter Washable Blue


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Product Description

Brand Name: Tirol

Item NO.: T17876

Weight: 0.51kg

Material: Aluminum

Color: Blue

Height: 14.5cm

Total Height: 17cm

Rubber ring inside diameter: 76mm

Features: Increases horsepower and improves fuel economy.

Product Description

This filter provides a high volume flow of clean and cooler free air into the engine Crankcase/ Breather to remove OEM PCV system and relive crankcase pressure

  1. Increases horsepower
  2. Improves fuel economy
  3. Exceptional airflow
  4. More filtering surface than original filter
  5. It comes with a washable and reusable dry cone air filter, a Clamp
  6. Filter can be washed & oiled
  7. Easy Installation, Works with 76mm air intake systems

Additional Information

Weight 1.12 lbs
Dimensions 6.26 x 6.26 x 6.69 in