TIROL Universal Mini Air Filter Diameter 25mm Round Tapered Auto Mini Cold Air Intake RED


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Product Description

Brand Name: Tirol

Item NO.: T11603

Size: 38*51*45MM

Weight: 0.085kg

Inlet Diameter: 25MM

Height: 45MM

Total Height: 65MM

Material: Rubber hose straight mesh

Color: Red

Features: Increases horsepower and improves fuel economy.

Product Description

Increase the performance of your ATV, quad or dirt motorcycle with this simple yet effective air filter.
Air filters are essential in protecting your engine against dirt – helping to increase its life and providing you with extra horsepower in the process! Fit a Filter and Increase: Speed Horsepower Engine life span Performance Your race times!

  1. Made of Aluminum Alloy Material with Chrome Coating Material for Lightweight and Durability
  2. Removes OEM PCV System and Relives Crankcase Pressure
  3. maximum filtration
  4. Minimizes Oil Consumption by PCV System or High Performance Engines
  5. Virtually helps Increasing Horsepower by Bringing in Cold Dense Air, instead of Hot Oil Fumes
  6. keep the engine away from particles damage and extend the engine’s life
  7. Micro Cotton Gauze Type Filter Material, Washable with Water or Soap, and Reusable
  8. Suitable for most type of car, for All Turbocharged Vehicles
  9. 25mm Filter Outlet, 25mm Inner Diameter Tube
  10. Overall Dimensions: 2.15″ (Length) X 1.85″ (Diameter)

Additional Information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 1.50 x 1.77 x 2.01 in